A Very Special Month

ADHD Awareness Month Adopt a Shelter Dog Month American Pharmacists Month Bat Appreciation Month Breast Cancer Awareness Month Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month Computer Learning Month Country Music Month Down Syndrome Awareness Month Dyslexia Awareness Month Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month Emotional Wellness Month Fair Trade Month Family History Month German-American Heritage Month Global Diversity Awareness […]


Do you believe in ghosts? I cannot honestly answer that question. I’m open to the possibility but that is based upon the experiences of others rather than anything that I have personally witnessed. Stories from people who I trust have certainly made me wish for a personal encounter. A friend of mine has had several […]


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month “Domestic violence” describes a range of situations from emotional and physical threats to injury or even murder. There is nothing “domestic” about “violence.” “Relationship Violence” is sometimes used in media reporting and I strongly support this more accurate terminology. Some prefer “intimate partner violence,” but in my opinion this comes up short. First, it […]