What Is This Place

What is this place?  Masks, gloves, plexiglass partitions

What is this place? Tape on the floor where we’re to stand

I search the masked faces for a smile.

I dread the touch of rubber gloved workers.

Do I really need to disinfect my groceries?

Has someone coughed on my fruit or vegetables?

Do I even want these items in my kitchen?

What is this place where we were once comfortable?

What is this place where we once entertained?

Can this be my neighborhood?

Can this be my home?

Where are the hugs for which I long?

What is this place?


  1. It is a place most of us could never have imagined. Oh how I wish we had been made aware much earlier. Most, if not all of us, will have PTSD after this.. Hugging was instinctive for me and now I will struggle to remember to not do that. Call it whiplash, call it loss of trust in those we used to believe were there working to protect us. Whatever it is, its effects will be long-lasting. As much as I would love to forget this, it is permanently etched in my brain…
    This has brought out the BEST in some, and the BEAST in others. I am trying to focus on the former but it is a constant battle.

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