Writing Prompt 3

If you were going to spend a week alone away from home and could only bring three things aside from your clothes . . . what would you bring and why?

Let’s assume medication and personal items like one’s toothbrush are included in the “clothes” category above. The three items I would take are: iPhone, pen or pencil, paper.

I would expect to spend my time observing my surroundings, hopefully lots of nature, and recording my thoughts and reflections. At other times I would use the iPhone for news and music.


Your Turn, Readers!



“Good writing is like a windowpane.” George Orwell

Photo by Pixabay


  1. Have no phone to take with me, but would definitely bring a pen and paper, creating images with words and if at all possible, some type of music which always stirs the soul. Finally, would bring photos of the people in my life whom I love, reminding me of what is truly important.

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  2. This is an interesting challenge! I’ve seen it before as “If you were spending a month on a desert island…”
    If you were in civilization, don’t forget your phone charger. But in a remote place a phone’s pointles, as it may not be able to get a signal and would likely be dead after a day.
    This is hard, though. I’d want my Bible, and a dictionary, just to keep my mind occupied. And a box of matches, if it was a remote place.

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      1. I’m the type who could spend hours in a dictionary, and use what I learn as a writing inspiration. However, I haven’t taken my pen and paper, have I. And given the news these days, how could I forget one IMPORTANT thing — the toilet paper!

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