I’m Annoyed

Annoyed at what you ask?

Some officials and other “experts” who hold press conferences about COVID-19! While they announce emergencies and give out advice regarding social distancing and other precautions they stand shoulder to shoulder and shake hands like they are at a political gathering. This is a pandemic and it should not be too much to expect those providing vital information to model safe behaviors.



  1. Maybe they have a better grip on the facts of this pandemic than the confused masses? Latest stat I heard: “99.7% of people under 70 don’t need to fear this virus.”
    Also, they likely have hand sanitizer in their pockets. If they are meeting and talking together, shaking (sanitized) hands is neither here nor there.

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    1. True if you’re under 10. But if you’re aged 10-39, you’re twice as likely to die of COVID-19 as the flu, if you’re age 40-59, you’re 4 times as likely to die from COVID-19 as the flu, if you’re age 50-59, you’re 13 times as likely to die from COVID 19 as the flu, and if you’re aged 60-69, you’re 36 times as likely to die from COVID-19 as the flu. So unless you’re under the age of 10, you have a very good reason to fear this new virus.

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  2. Money talks and bullshit walks…have you seen the profits for sanitizer and other supplies?

    So many big wigs be laughing while many are dying….it would be funny if it wasn’t true.

    But there is good news, they created another star today who will just push more sexuality onto people instead of education, what a time to be alive, I write yeah…

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  3. I was thinking the same thing. They say all these things we should do and then they do just the opposite because they “ have no symptoms.”

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  4. It both sickens and saddens me to see those who are taking advantage of others during this stressful time. They put money over mankind, profits over people. Ignorance and arrogance are likewise contributing to the spread of this pandemic. I beg everyone to use a measure of selfishness by staying in when you can, not panic buying, by using careful hand-washing, limiting unnecessary runs, and lastly, by washing hands after touching common items, including keypads, nozzles. We can each do more to protect ourselves than some who are supposedly in charge, seem to be doing. I am advocating common sense first and foremost. As is the case every day, we may have obligations and appointments which are important, but we can use safe practices when doing so.

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    1. On the other hand I am heartened by hearing of many people who are helpers and self-sacrificing. Some of those in higher places could learn from them. Our governor keeps reminding us to be good neighbors & part of the KY team. I am so proud of the way he communicates.


  5. One of the most beautiful things I have heard about during this difficult time is having children while they are out of school, write notes to those in Nursing Homes and Senior facilities, to let them know that they care, are thinking of them, praying for them. So many facilities have visitor restrictions currently and rightfully so, that getting a simple note may bring a smile to their faces. Once or twice a week, someone can drop the notes off at the Main desk for them to distribute. I love any and all ideas which can warm hearts. This is also an opportunity to develop caring habits in young children, which hopefully will last a lifetime.

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