Pitching Plastic

Pitching Plastic

Years ago when I traveled in my job, I was a frequent hotel “guest.” Like everyone I collected those little individual use toiletries. There were plastic bottles of shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion and sometimes body wash. There was always more than one could use, so I’d cart them home in my suitcase. Pretty soon I had too many at home and I’d donate them to homeless shelters, as I know some of my friends do today.

It took a while for me to realize what a waste these plastic pieces were and how they were destroying our planet. Our world is drowning in plastics of all sizes and shapes. Thank goodness some hotel companies are waking up to this problem and are doing something about it.

Hyatt, Marriott and Holiday Inn are three of the companies phasing out these little plastic bottles in their hotels and replacing them with large multi-use pump bottles. In addition some hotels are no longer routinely providing plastic bottles of drinking water. They are encouraging the use of personal refillable bottles by providing fresh water dispensers in their lobbies.

Hopefully this trend will continue. We should support these efforts. We all can do better.


Here is why this is important:  https://crookedcreek.live/2018/07/02/waste/

Photos by Pixabay


  1. Amen. It breaks my heart when I see bags, bottles, cans thrown out of windows. The bags get stuck on power lines and on limbs and it is incumbent on each and everyone of us to get the word out that our survival depends on us.

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  2. We travel often and do exactly what you said — take to our church where they are used in “buddy bags” for runaway teens who go to Safe Zones.
    Although this is a good cause, the use of so much plastic and not disposing of it properly is harming our planet. I have noticed that some hotels in the US are switching over.
    When we were in Britain and Scotland this summer we found That all hotels have the larger pump bottles attached to the walls. Also in the stores, if you wanted a bag, you paid extra for it. Many Europeans carried there cloth bags to department staples as well as grocery stores.

    We just need to change our habits. It will benefit us all and be a small sacrifice to make — and guess what, the roadways might be cleaner. Aren’t we messy people? Just take a walk along a busy street in the morning.

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    1. My granddaughter made small cotton bags for me to buy my produce rather than using the plastic bags provided by the store. She lives in England and is trying to go “plastic free” which I’m sure is nearly impossible, but she is an inspiration to me.


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