Most Valuable Little Thing

What small, simple thing would you not want to live without? Notice the adjectives “small” and “simple,” so that doesn’t include family, friends, home, car, etc. Have you ever thought about something seemingly insignificant the makes you happier, makes your life easier? I have. I have thought of velcro for example and Windex. I would not want to live without Windex, rather like the father in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

But when it comes to the single most useful little item in my life it has to be POST IT NOTES! post-it-3559736_1280I use them almost every day in one way or another. They come in many shapes and sizes and in a variety of colors to suit every need. I love to color code and label things and POST ITs make that easy to do.

What small, simple thing makes your life easier or more fun?


Photos by Pixabay


  1. Calendars with individual pages for each month, big enough to write times on, dates to remember, appointments, birthdays etc. Each page is front and center on my refrigerator to remind me of upcoming things. Of course between a faulty memory and unforeseen appointments/ events, I am constantly adding to it.
    As usual, I love the food for thought you offer…Thanks.

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  2. Good thought! So many things I wouldn’t want to live without come to my mind:
    Nylon net dishcloths and nylon scrubbers. (Remember Curly Kate?)
    My vegetable peeler — I’d hate to use a paring knife for every peeling task.
    Various paper products like tissues and TP. (Being ancient, I still remember the old catalogue in the outhouse days.) 🙂
    Safety pins. Ball point-pens that don’t leak. Spiral binding for notebooks + cookbooks.
    Perma-press. Fabric softener sheets. Sticky lint rollers, which only came along after we were married.
    I’d best quit now.
    One day Bob and I listed all the safety features that have been added to cars since 1960, many of them small but injury-saving.

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  3. I thought that you would say “binders”. My Momma loves a color- coded, indexed binder. 😂 My calendar is the little thing that makes my life work. I love my Google calendar.

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